Cane Flutes can and will crack if care is not taken to preserve the flute. Keeps your flute rubbed down with a light coating of the “Bear Fat”, or you can use Olive or Sunflower oil. Please do not expose your flute to very dry conditions and “Never Drop Your Flute”! Storing your flute near heating ducts can damage the cane and cause it to becoming brittle and crack. If your home has a working fireplace…DO NOT DISPLAY IT ON THE MANTLE!

Store in a flute bag if at all possible. Please be careful removing your flute from its bag. This is a one campfire “Love Flute”. With a little practice, anyone can make Beautiful Music with this Flute.

If your flute does crack within 30-days of purchase, I will "REPLACE" your flute with another just like the one you purchased, you only pay for the shipping of the flute.


The best way to play your new flute is:

(1) Like any wind instrument you need to warm it up before playing. Blow into your flute from the bottom to warm it up.

(2) Blow Very, Very Gently, Do Not Over Blow! This will produce a soft warm sound, after all these are “Love Flutes”.

(3) Make sure you cover the holes completely with your fingers.

(4) The Bird or Effigy might have moved during shipment and need adjusting.

(5) Keep your flute lightly rubbed down with “Bear Fat”!