Native American Style

 Cherokee Cane Flutes


Cherokee Style


Cherokee music, like many other Cherokee art forms, has always been an integral part of their daily life.


The Cherokees lived in the Smoky Mountains of mainly Tennessee, Carolinas and northern Georgia. They were also a part of Alabama, the Virginias and Kentucky. Since cane grew in the valley, the people who lived in the mountains were the first that used a variety of hardwoods for their flutes.Flutes were made of assorted wood or the leg bone of a deer.  River cane and bamboo flutes  are the most popular because of the soft, rich warm tones they produce.


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The terms "Native American" and " Cherokee" are used to describe the style of flutes that I create. It does not imply that the flutes are made

by a member of a Native American tribe.

Each flute was an individual creation. They were constructed by the individuals’ body measurements, so, it was truly his flute. These flutes are 1 campfire flutes, meaning they are low volume being they are "Love Flutes".The maker would use his arm length as a measuring tool for the overall length of his flute. At the joint of his elbow would be the sound hole locations. He would then use the width of his hand as it was wrapped around the flute as a starting point from the sound area to the start of the holes. Then his thumb width as a point of centering for the holes. As you will tell, each individuals flute had a voice of it's very own.

This is what is known as “Grandfather” tuning and is the native American Indian way.

Measuring approximately  20-26 inches long, these flutes are sure to please.

All flutes are Grandfather Tuned  

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Music is performed on a avflutes Eb Cane Flute.